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Service to School (S2S) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides free application counseling to military veterans. Our goal is to help them win admission to the best universities possible and to help them maximize their education benefits. Through education benefits, the nation has proved its commitment to help veterans help themselves, but it is also an important investment in our country’s human capital, because veterans will grow our economy just as they did in the decades following World War II. As an organization and as a country, we can ensure that those education benefits are as effective – indeed, as transformative – as they were for the Greatest Generation.

At this time, S2S is the only non-profit focused specifically on helping veterans get into top schools. We provide the application assistance, mentoring, and know-how to ensure that veterans can pursue higher education at quality schools, whether at the graduate or undergraduate level.

S2S was founded by Gus Giacoman, Tim Hsia, Khalil Tawil, and Anna Ivey — three veterans and an admissions expert. You can read more about their backgrounds here, and in this profile of S2S in Forbes. We currently operate on an all-volunteer basis (with the exception of our full-time Executive Director, Beth Morgan). The veterans we’ve helped so far work on a pay-it-forward model by becoming our S2S “ambassadors” and counseling new S2S applicants.

To date, our efforts have assisted over 300 applicants in winning admission to schools that include Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Northwestern, Penn, Columbia, Notre Dame, and many other elite U.S. institutions, including flagship state schools; built a mentor network of over 100 ambassadors; and developed partnerships with key veteran-focused organizations and top schools. In a short amount of time, we have become a recognized brand in the space, and we are now fielding inquiries from top universities about how best to recruit veteran applicants.


We are in active fundraising mode so that we can scale our activities, hire full-time talent, and invest in the best technology platforms, all with the goal of serving all qualified veterans on their path to higher education and the civilian workforce. If you are interested in donating, please use the link below, or contact our leadership at contact@service2school.org.

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After serving in Iraq together, Tim Hsia and Augusto Giacoman returned home to pursue graduate degrees. Hsia enrolled in a joint law and business degree program at Stanford University in 2010, while Giacoman started business school at New York University in 2009. Both officers’ educations were mostly funded by their education benefits. Read more.