In 2015, Service to School (S2S) launched VetLink, a program which partners our organization with some of the best colleges and universities in the U.S. As part of that special relationship, VetLink schools work closely with S2S to identify competitive applicants and have also agreed to accept an addendum to their admission applications specifically for our program’s applicants. This addendum is tailored for veterans and active duty service members to showcase the exceptional life experiences, leadership and organizational skills they possess, nurtured while in our armed forces.

Participating schools include the University of Chicago, Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Notre Dame, Princeton University, Smith College, Williams College, and Yale University.

It’s important to note, not all veterans working with S2S will be deemed VetLink eligible, and we cannot guarantee any admissions outcomes. For the veterans, VetLink will help them find the top college that is the best fit for their interests, work through the college applications and essays to best showcase their talents, and connect them with mentors as they transition to college. We are confident providing this opportunity to detail their service to our country will also contribute tremendously to their admissions applications.

Please contact S2S to learn more about the VetLink program and determine your eligibility for participation.

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